Most curling clubs could not survive without volunteers. We need to recruit those volunteers, make it easy for them to step up, and keep track of them so that they may be recognized.

These pages give volunteers an easy way to sign up, to know who they'll be with, and gives the club a way to track the volunteers. You all know the old "80-20" rule of volunteers, right?

There is also an optional script designed to run via "cron" that sends out email reminders a day ahead of the volunteer committment. It is included in the .zip file.
It produces no output but mail!

All of the following demo pages open in a new window/tab

Public demo volunteer page
volunteer signup page

Obscure pages, not public, but not protected either:
list volunteer events
list volunteer events & the volunteers

Secured pages, requiring a login, specified on the login page:
Manage Volnteer Events

Download the zip file containing documentation, source code, and installation instructions.