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event,task,start date & time,stop date & time,number volunteers,non-pub comments
Learn to Curl,Instructors,2022-01-22 12:00,2022-01-22 15:00,8,
Learn to Curl,Instructors,2022-01-29 15:30,2022-01-29 18:30,8,
Sat. Breakfast,Instructor and coach,2022-01-22 08:00,2022-01-22 09:15,3,
Sat. Breakfast,chief cook and bottle washer,2022-01-22 07:00,2022-01-22 09:15,2,
Sat. Breakfast,clean-up,2022-01-22 11:30,2022-01-22 12:00,2,
Sat. Breakfast,Instructor and coach,2022-01-29 08:00,2022-01-29 09:15,3,
Sat. Breakfast,chief cook and bottle washer,2022-01-29 07:00,2022-01-29 09:15,2,
Sat. Breakfast,clean-up,2022-01-29 11:30,2022-01-29 12:00,2,

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