Open House

An Olympic year open house can be a lengthy and stressful event. In 2006 we had lines out the door, down the sidewalk, past The Gardens Ice House, and into the parking lot. Over 1,205 people waited in line over three hours for a chance to walk on dedicated curling ice and throw one rock.

Four years later we used an open house reservation system. People signed up online, booking their start times in five minute increments. Even though we had shorter open house hours, we ran over 1,300 people through their twenty minute session, with Absolutely NO lines.

IF you are upgrading from an earlier versin (before April, 2016), then you need to read the installation instructions since database table changes are included in addition to code enhancements.

demo page A demo page is available, and it does not store email addresses, although it asks for them and validates them.
login page A login page with links to reports is available. Credentials are on that page. The file contains everything you need, or at least I hope it does. It has all the code, test data, documentation, installation and configuration instructions.

long lines around the building
During the 2006 Winter Olympics