Event Reservations

Most clubs, including ours, have events where we wish to know how many people are coming. Sometimes its even important to know who is coming. And sometimes we even wish to know if the person is a member or a guest! It would be a tragedy to run out of food or beverages, especially for any type of public event.

This member and non-member distinction has evolved over several years, to meet the needs of the Potomac Curling Club. It may be overkill for your organization.

There's always a simpler "Plan B"...
Many groups, don't want to deal with member vs. non-member signup sheets. It's not worth the effort. They just want to know who's coming. To that extent there is a Plan B which is the same registration process, with the member / non-member status removed. It's much simpler to maintain, and serves the same function.

This application lets you have a sign-up form on your club's web page, and prints the sign-in sheet without exposing email addresses. The secured pages let you add and change events, print the roster as a .csv file, including email addresses, and manage people such as changing them from "guest" status to "member" status. It's possible that someone could even change their email address and we can fix that situation.

click me to download the zip file containing the code, the documentation, and installation instructions.

IF you are upgrading from an earlier versin (before April, 2016), then you need to read the installation instructions since database table changes are included in addition to code enhancements.

Public demo page:
sign up for an event
print roster (csv) and an optional sign-in sheet

Secured demo pages needing a password, supplied on the login page:
manage events
manage people
manage people bulk update (change non-members into members)