Free Curling Software

For several years I served as webmaster for the Potomac Curling Club and developed software that they use on a regular basis. In 2012 the Chesapeake Curling Club asked if I knew of a timer to help keep games and bonspiels moving forward in a timely manner. I didn't, and couldn't find any with a quick web search, so I wrote the Game Timer software for them.

After other clubs requested to use the gametimer software, I decided to publish most of the applications I'd written, hence this website.

All of the software on this web site is available to anyone, group or individual, free of charge with no restrictions. Source code and documentatin is included in the downloads.

* The Game Timer, Virtual Strategy Board, and clocks, are designed to be downloaded and run on a local PC, although they work fine on a web server. PHP and MySQL are not required. The remainder of the applications are all intended to be placed on a webserver by either the webmaster or a database administrator.

--- Howard

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