Free Curling Software

For several years I served as webmaster for the Potomac Curling Club and developed software that they use on a regular basis. In 2012 the Chesapeake Curling Club asked if I knew of a timer to help keep games and bonspiels moving forward in a timely manner. I didn't, and couldn't find any with a quick web search, so I wrote the Game Timer software for them.

After other curling clubs saw the Game Timer in action, they requested copies, and even suggested enhancements (sound & autostart). The Game Timer is now in use in several clubs.

That tiny degree of success, and a few hints, inspired me to offer up some other software that may be of use to other Curling Clubs. The software here is available to any organization or individual free of charge. The code is offered "as is", with no warranty expressed or implied. It may work for you, or it may not. The only support I can offer is to reply to email questions, and help explain how we at Potomac Curling Club used it. Feel free to modify or customize or improve on it any way that you see fit. Potomac has now migrated from custom written code to a CMS system. Some of these applications have been ported to the CMS, and some may never be.

If you use any of the software, great! Please send us an email note if you wish your club's use listed here, or just to let us know its in use. We'll gladly respect any desires for anonymity.

* Both the Game Timer and the Virtual Strategy Board are designed to be downloaded and run on a local PC, although they work fine on a web server. Both applications rely on features of html5. Internet Explorer 8 (or earlier) on Windows XP just won't work. I recommend the FireFox web browser instead. Both apps will certainly run from the web, but they were intended to be downloaded and run locally on your PC or Mac or Raspberry Pi or Linux box. I test on my local Windows 7 PC using the usbwebserver. The remainder of the applications are all intended to be placed on a webserver by either the webmaster or a dba.

--- Howard

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